Little Halawakee Farm is a micro-farm in Lee County, Alabama.  While we still offer CSA services, those are now focused upon fresh and dried herbs–as well as specialty tubers and rhizomes.  We will still sell other delightful things that begin in the garden (jams, salves), but now also focus on outreach and teaching sustainable farming.

Updates to come!

The Privett-Duren Family

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Interns and Volunteers

Little Halawakee Farms endeavors to create outreach opportunities in rural communities in the coming year.  Both interns and volunteers are welcome to either give their time and learn on site, or volunteer their time in our outreach efforts.

We have one fully sponsored Auburn University intern at this time and would consider one more.  Volunteers may offer anytime, work on a schedule, or be “on call” on a case-by-case basis.  Letters from Little Halawakee farm can be given for record keeping.

If you are interested in our little dream and would like to know more about how to help, please contact Recruitment and Internship Director Camille Ruiz Ponseti (Auburn University, horticulture intern) at LittleHalawakeefarm@gmail.com for the application process.

Also, as an emergent micro-farm with little funds, we gratefully accept monetary donations, as well as gardening materials.  All donations will be used solely for the benefit of lifting off and sustaining teaching efforts on site. We are not grant-funded at this time and grow only from the generosity of our community.