Little Halawakee Farm is a micro-farm in Lee County, Alabama.  While we still offer CSA services, those are now focused upon fresh and dried herbs–as well as specialty tubers and rhizomes.  We will still sell other delightful things that begin in the garden (jams, salves), but now also focus on outreach and teaching sustainable farming. We are CNG (Certified Naturally Grown) certified! CNG is a wonderful organization that works with beekeepers, farmers, chicken *tenders* and mushroom growers who use natural processes. Here at LHC, we never apply herbicides, synthetic chemicals, or any other non-natural treatments on our land. Read more HERE from Mother Earth News and click HERE for CNG!

Updates to come!

The Privett-Duren Family

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What We Do

We are continuing to grow our rare turmeric in all colors, along with herbs and vegetables.

We breed Frizzle Cochins, Silkies and Seramas. Link for sales and NPIP certification coming soon!

We teach sustainability, seed harvesting, and general gardening.

Thoughts and Musings from LHC

  • Chickens, Chickens, Chickens
  • Why Micro-Farm?
    When I was growing up in North Alabama, there were two kinds of folks: city mice and country mice.  Of course, “city” meant “town” and town meant Kroger.  Even so, the sixties and the seventies still harbored deep echoes of an Alabama that farmed for its food–despite the Kool-Aid, Pop-Tarts and Hungry Man Dinners.  Everyone had a cousin, grandparent or aunt/uncle who still grew tomatoes, cotton, or corn . . . it’s just in our DNA.