Little Halawakee Farm is a micro-farm just outside of Salem, Alabama and situated firmly in Halawakee Creek area.  We are focused primarily on teaching native, sustainable practices of farming and garden tending that have become continually lost to our area and culture.  There is a vegetable garden on site (for a family of four), multiple fruit trees, chickens, a heritage rose garden (also micro), and more all fed by an unfiltered well.  All processes (including the home) are as chemical free as possible; we grow all of our plants and trees without chlorinated water, chemical pesticides/fungicides/fertilizers or corporate/commercial products.

It’s our hope to provide a service to our community that teaches and supports sustainable practices on a small scale.  While there are multiple large farms, commercial farms, and product-focused farms, our product is primarily teaching and outreach.  We also do raise and sell fig trees, citrus trees, and specialty teas and plants in small quantities to help offset the cost of our own farming.

We are just ramping up!  Little Halawakee Farms will be providing workshops on site that cover seed saving, propagation, tinctures/decoctions and more.  Come back next month to see what we have in store!

Until then, contact Kat at littlehalawakeefarm.org for more information.

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